What information do I need to order a certificate?

Based on the unique requirements of each Vital Records Agency, and to help ensure the certificate is not put into the wrong hands, certain personal information will be requested during the ordering process to verify specific details about the event, and about the person ordering.

For most certificate requests, the following types of information will be required:

  • the full name of the individual named on the certificate, and your relationship to that person
  • for a birth certificate, the full names of both parents named on the certificate, including the mother’s maiden name; for a marriage or divorce certificate, the full name of the spouse(s) named on the certificate
  • the date, month and year of the event (the birth, marriage, etc.)
  • the state, city and county where the event occurred (an option for “unknown” city or county may be accepted)
  • the reason for requesting the certificate (which will determine the type of certificate available)


Additional identity information may also be required, depending upon the issuing Agency’s regulations, which may include a Social Security Number and birth date of the person ordering, identity questions or a copy of an identity document (such as a driver’s license or similar) specific to the person ordering the certificate, or a sworn and notarized statement. This information, if required by the Agency, is used only to validate the identity of the person requesting the certificate and is handled in the most secure manner possible.