Vital Record Ordering Solutions for Government Agencies

Connecting government agencies, including vital record agencies, with the citizens and businesses they serve is VitalChek’s focus, and has been since 1987. Via our secure, efficient vital record document ordering service, VitalChek has – as an official authorized solution for hundreds of agencies throughout the United States and US Territories –  facilitated the secure delivery for millions of important documents every year. Individuals have the right to their birth certificates, marriage records, divorce records, and certain family death records. And with VitalChek, America’s #1 resource for ordering these government-issued vital records, it’s never been easier, safer or more convenient to secure them.

Simple. We make it straightforward for consumers to order official government records from agencies nationwide with easy to follow instructions. Our step-by-step document ordering service and editing features help ensure the accuracy of these orders, keeping the issuance process very efficient.

Fast. We process every consumer’s vital records request expeditiously and deliver the completed order to the appropriate agency as fast as possible. This results in efficient issuance processes, as well as prompt delivery to the consumer – usually in less than a week. Many of our agency partners even offer next-day or second-day service.

Secure. To help protect each consumer’s identity online, their entire online transaction is fully encrypted and firewall-protected. Only authorized government agencies will be handling each certificate and processing each request. With our express courier service, we even help consumers with the option to ShipSafe. ShipSmart.™

Authorized. We work directly with hundreds of government vital record agencies nationwide to provide consumers with the ability to securely order their vital records online. VitalChek is the only external processor authorized across the nation for ordering official vital records online.

Obtaining copies of vital records such as birth or death certificates are generally not free. There are a variety of ways to obtain these vital records including by mail, in person, by phone and even online. For many vital record agencies offering online ordering services, VitalChek is the authorized method these agencies have chosen to provide such service Each agency charges a specific fee for these certificates, which typically ranges from $2.00 – $50.00. VitalChek charges the consumer an additional Processing Fee, depending upon the level of service for which the agency has contracted, generally ranging from $2.50-$16.00. These Processing Fees cover a variety of services including secure online ordering and electronic payment processing, order tracking, 24/7 customer support, identity verification and authentication, among many other benefits. VitalChek also offers consumers the ability to select expedited shipping if their certificate is needed in a hurry. The additional cost for expedited shipping is shown, along with all charges specific to each order, as selections are made during the order process.