#1 Authorized Ordering Service for Government Vital Records Documents

VitalChek is the only external authorized online ordering  agent for government vital records agencies across the nation for good reason: our secure government document ordering service has passed the most rigorous security tests available.

Vital records reflect major events in each person’s life – and as such, are critical pieces of identity information. Keeping these documents, and a consumer’s identity, as secure as possible is covered three ways by VitalChek.

1 – Only two parties are involved. As an officially authorized service agent for hundreds of state and local governments nationwide, VitalChek processes each order and collects appropriate payment, then submits it to the authorized issuing government agency for fulfilling and shipping. No third parties are involved in these transactions.

2 – Verification of documentation. Our secure ordering process is designed to ensure that each certificate is ordered only by the person(s) legally entitled to receive such documents, as defined by specific requirements set by each Vital Record Agency responsible for issuing these certificates.

3 – Secure digital and physical transmittal. Each online transaction is fully encrypted and firewall-protected, meeting the federally-mandated standards as set by the U.S. Department of Commerce for the transmission and storage of confidential data. Once the certificate has been issued, consumers can select delivery by express courier service, to help ShipSafe. ShipSmart.™

Safe & Secure Government Document Ordering Service

To help ensure a requested certificate is not put into the wrong hands, certain personal information will be requested during the ordering process to verify specific details about the event, and about the person ordering – all based on each issuing agency’s unique requirements site. Core information about each event includes the state, city and/or county where it occurred, the month, day and year of the event, and the names of all the parties named on the requested certificate, as they appear on the certificate (including Mother’s maiden name for a birth certificate). We also work with agencies to provide additional identity verification, which is handled in the most secure manner possible and used only to validate the identity of the person requesting the certificate.