Unauthorized resellers for vital records are the personification of the phrase “buyer beware”. Someone tries ordering vital records online — say they search “birth certificate,” needing it in a hurry to register their child for school — and they click on an ad that promises to deliver their vital record for just $49.95 (or a similar sum). Not a bad deal, especially when compared to driving (or flying) to the place of birth to obtain it directly from the issuing agency. But, that $49.95 was just wasted.

Ordering Vital Records Online through Unauthorized Resellers

Here’s the straight truth: consumers in the market for a vital record should expect the following fees to apply (and beware of any other added fees!):

1 — Agency Search Fee or Certificate Fee: The government agency search fee or certificate fee will typically vary from $2 to $50, depending upon the issuing agency and type of certificate. In some cases, an issuing agency may also impose an expedite fee for handling orders in an expedited manner. These mandatory fees are set by the individual agency and apply for all ordering methods.

2 — Authorized Processing Fee: When ordering vital records online or remotely through an agency-authorized service, a processing fee will generally apply. VitalChek’s very low processing fee, typically $2 to $16, supports the expediting and secure processing of remote orders – virtually connecting a customer sitting at their computer anytime day or night to hundreds of issuing agencies across the nation via our secure ordering system. Placing an order through VitalChek’s authorized system usually takes less than 10 minutes, and the certificates are usually processed, issued and delivered within about a week!

3 — Shipping Fee: For customers ordering vital records online remotely, they will select the shipping speed/fee desired, from economy up to express courier service when time is of the essence. Upgrading to express courier service with VitalChek is a great value, as our negotiated shipping rates frequently save customers around 50% over retail express shipping costs and provide unmatched door-to-door tracking capabilities.


Unauthorized resellers for vital records, companies promoting that they can deliver a vital record for just $49.95 or a similar sum, will generally just tack on that charge (or more) to the above authorized fees. Additionally, these companies are not authorized by the issuing agencies nor VitalChek. However, unauthorized resellers for vital records accept all the personal information required from a customer to order a vital record, and generally – without permission – act as if they were the customer to submit that data into the VitalChek system.

Customers can save this $49.95 or more unauthorized reseller fee (and have a far safer transaction) by simply entering their own information into our simple, secure online ordering system.