Vital Record Certificate Ordering Solutions and Services for Government Agencies

The leader in vital record solutions for government agencies, VitalChek Express Certificate Service specializes in providing official vital record certificate ordering and payment processing services for consumers, while helping to make government agencies as streamlined and efficient as possible with secure cloud-based document management solutions including registration, payment and database optimization. These vital records include birth, death, marriage and divorce certificates via multiple channels that unite the consumer electronically with the issuing government agency 24/7.

Society is more mobile than ever, so when vital records inevitably get misplaced, it’s time-consuming and often expensive (even involving airline tickets in some cases) to visit the issuing government agency in person. That’s where VitalChek Express Certificate Service can help, giving consumers the opportunity to order birth, death, marriage and divorce certificates right from a computer or over the phone 24/7/365.

VitalChek takes all the customer’s necessary information – which can vary depending upon each agency’s requirements – verifies it, collects payment and sends the completed request to the issuing agency, along with all the appropriate agency fees check out this site. Because this is VitalChek’s specialty, deployed for hundreds of government vital record agencies nationwide, our Express Certificate Service offers unparalleled efficiency, affordability, accuracy, security and speed to both consumers and agencies alike.