Payment Processing Solutions

Payment processing services by LexisNexis Payment Solutions helps government agencies of all types – including courts, public utility districts, tax or license offices, city or county clerks offices, ports of entry, health departments, transportation departments, and more – to streamline and automate.

LexisNexis Payment Solutions is certified on multiple processing platforms with the leading acquirers to handle all of your payment processing needs. With our electronic payment system for government services, agencies reduce costs while providing efficient payment processing 24/7.

With multiple payment platforms and services available, our Payment Solutions can be designed to custom-fit your agency’s specific needs, while providing reliable, no-hassle, same day settlement. This is handled through a secure cloud-based application, a single system to handle all payment channels and types for your agency, whether online, in-person, mailed in, or by phone.

Your agency will benefit with industry leading technology and equipment with zero merchant hassles, at typically no cost to the agency site. LexisNexis Payment Solutions also handles all credit card fees and chargebacks. Plus, real-time payments ensure your agency can see all payments as they happen without delay.