LexisNexis Payment Processing FAQ

Below are LexisNexis payment processing FAQs, along with frequently asked questions about LexisNexis Payment Solutions and government payment processing. If you do not see your question answered, please contact us to have it resolved. We are here to help.

Agency Partners

LexisNexis Payment Solutions provides flexible payment solutions specifically designed for government agencies to easily and securely accept consumer payments from multiple platforms including online payments, point-of-sale, telephone payments, kiosk payments, mail payments and mobile payments.

All major credit cards, including American Express®, Discover®, MasterCard® and Visa®, are accepted for each of our payment platforms as well as business or personal electronic checks.
LexisNexis Payment Solutions helps automate payments of fees, utility bills, license renewals, citations, court fees, personal or property taxes, permits, monthly payments and much more.

Advantages of using LexisNexis Payment Solutions include our superior knowledge of the government payments industry, no-cost integration, leading-edge security, dedicated customer support, efficiency and cost savings, and unmatched reporting capabilities.

As a Level 1 PCI-Compliant organization, we also maintain the highest level of security established for credit card processing to ensure your customer’s data is handled as securely as possible.
Additionally, government agencies using LexisNexis Payment Solutions receive their funds the same day that their customer monies are collected – no more waiting days for funds to clear mannligapotek.com.

Our standard convenience-fee model means LexisNexis Payment Solutions are available at no cost to your Agency – meaning no cost for equipment, supplies, maintenance, customer support or system integration (including existing cashiering systems). We even pay all associated credit card fees and manage charge backs mannligapotek.com.

Alternately, an Agency can choose to absorb a portion or all of the LexisNexis Payment Solutions costs rather than using the convenience-fee model.

LexisNexis Payment Solutions is managed by LexisNexis VitalChek Network Inc., a pioneer of remote vital record order and payment processing for government agencies since 1987.

We expanded our payment processing services to government agencies beyond the vital records industry in 1991, which then became branded as LexisNexis Payment Solutions in 2009.

As an Agency partner, if you have questions or are experiencing technical issues, please contact us at 1-866-628-9244 (Customer Support is Option 2; Technical Assistance is Option 3) or email us at paymentsolutions@lexisnexis.com. Our professional and courteous Technical Support Staff is available to you 24/7/365 mannligapotek.com.

Agency partners can order supplies for their LexisNexis Payment Solutions-provided equipment, such as printer toner cartridges, receipt paper for point-of-sale machines, checks or other supplies by contacting us at 1-866-628-9244 Option 2 during standard business hours with your request site.

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Charges made to a government agency using the LexisNexis Payment Solutions payment processing services will be noted on your credit card statement with the government agency’s name preceded by “LN*”. For payments made with a Visa® card, the LexisNexis Payment Solutions Service Fee will be shown on a separate line item referenced as “LN*Service Fee” rankhaya.com.

LexisNexis Payment Solutions provides secure electronic payment processing services exclusively to government agencies. To cover the costs of handling these electronic payments for the participating government agencies, we do charge a minimal Service Fee mannligapotek.com.

Since each government agency participating in the LexisNexis Payment Solutions service has unique regulations and requirements for their payments, you will need to contact the government agency where you have made the payment with that request.

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