Full Service Payment Gateway Provider for Government Agencies

If you are looking for a full service payment gateway solutions provider, you’ve come to the right place. LexisNexis Payment Solutions provides flexible payment processing for government agencies, designed by a leader in government transaction support. Our cloud-based full service payment gateway solutions help keep government at the forefront of technology to maximize efficiency and cash flow by automating payment processing of government agency fees, fines, utility bills, license renewals, citations, monthly payments and much more.

Our goal is to better connect government agencies with the citizens and businesses they serve. Whether at the counter or a kiosk, over the phone, by mail, online or mobile, LexisNexis Payment Solutions collects and processes your payments, updates your records instantly, and gathers your fees for settling the same day so the accountants in your agency always know where they stand.

LexisNexis Payment Solutions is the answer for government agencies of all types that want to operate more efficiently and easily, and give customers an easy payment processing experience as well. Government agencies need funds to serve their citizens, and the full service payment gateway suite by LexisNexis Payment Solutions makes sure they get those funds as quickly, affordably and painlessly as possible.

Payment Processing Solutions for Government Agencies

Maryland Department of Transportation, Motor Vehicle Administration, Traffic Citation Payment Kiosk

The traffic citation kiosk makes it easier for customers who must pay a fine before they can renew their driver’s license. For any citations that do not specify that the driver must appear in court, the fine can be paid right in the branch office and the license can be renewed. The kiosk improves customer convenience by providing a one-stop-shop for customers to pay their fines to ensure they maintain their driving privileges.