DAVE, and its electronic data systems, is specifically tailored to meet the unique requirements of U.S. vital records offices, utilizing secure data management, web design and development tools to meet the technological needs, business requirements and objectives of the agencies we serve.

The industry’s first EVRS built from the ground up for the vital records industry has all the technical tools you would expect from the industry leader.

The DAVE electronic data system can significantly reduce a vital record office’s  dependency on manual and labor-intensive processes. The secure data management system functions as a virtual electronic work force with database-driven software used to gather data, process transactions and print documents related to records from a single, central system. Our application features expandable modules and flexible edit rules, making DAVE an investment you can count on now and well into the future.

Applying our deep industry expertise, VitalChek designed DAVE to be the first system in the industry that meets both the 2003 NCHS standard certificates and the National Model Use Cases, as well as being NAPHSIS use-case compliant.

DAVE also provides tools to automate and streamline the issuance and accounting needs of your vital records office. Once a vital record has been processed and registered, the state user can simultaneously issue certified copies of the record, receive payments for those copies and quickly balance cashier receipts at the close of business.

The threat of identity theft, stricter government controls over the use and dissemination of vital records data, federal requirements for preparedness, rapid reporting and inoperability of health information have pushed or exceeded the abilities of outdated existing electronic systems. DAVE addresses these concerns while also improving efficiency, data accuracy and timeliness, data sharing and system security.

DAVE is the cost-efficient mission-ready answer: although no two state jurisdictions process vital records exactly the same, since DAVE was designed to conform to the NCHS 2003 edit specifications and the National Model Use Cases, it has been our experience that the core DAVE product meets 85% to 100% of any State’s vital records processing needs. Most processing differences can be handled via simple system configuration. As a result, DAVE already meets the majority of the mandatory requirements.

DAVE offers the following benefits:

  • Improved timeliness in the registration of vital events
  • Secure, accurate, and complete electronic collection of data directly from data providers such as hospitals, birthing centers, physicians, medical examiners, funeral homes, local health departments, and local registrars and courts.
  • Enhanced accuracy and consistency of data gathered and entered through real-time, online editing
  • Improved work flows and increased productivity within vital records agencies through the elimination of redundant, paper-intensive procedures
  • Increased security through the use of biometric authentication
  • Extensive auditing of all transactions throughout the Create, Use and Retire phases of a vital event life cycle
  • Comprehensive birth/death matching
  • Sophisticated overall system architecture that includes a flexible, easy-to-use thin-client interface
  • Directories of all health care providers, institutional and non-institutional
  • Secure processing of delayed birth registrations including the ability to strictly limit the personnel with access to such records
  • Reduced response time in the release and availability of statistical information for public health planning
  • Extensive prebuilt interfaces with external data providers (EHR, Funeral Homes, Medical Examiners)
  • Increased employee productivity through highly automated order and issuance workflows
  • Improved customer satisfaction through higher issuance fulfillment throughput
  • A highly available and scalable system which has greater than 99.9% uptime at its current customers
  • Unique Business Model that guarantees product longevity
  • Secure Credit Card processing through VitalChek Network Inc.