DAVE offers industry-best security measures specifically tailored around vital records, including:

Biometric authentication

Identity authentication

Multiple security profiles based on office affiliation

Secure encryption of sensitive data

Fraud prevention measures ranging from birth/death matching to applicant eligibility checks

No one takes security more seriously than VitalChek.

All the power and efficiency you would expect:

  • Represents state-of-the-art technology utilizing .Net web services to enhance a client’s IT environment, expedite daily order flow and reduce system operating costs
  • Provides a seamless interface with the VitalChek document ordering and credit card processing service

Built with powerful platforms, interfaces and exchanges:

  • Real time interfaces with OVS, Web Portals, Medical Examiner software, Imaging software rankhaya.com
  • Generic Death Load/Extract
  • Multiple Race & Ethnicity Load/Extract
  • Transax Load
  • SSA Extracts/Loads
  • Interstate Exchange Extract/Load
  • Interstate Roster Extract/Load
  • NCHS Extracts
  • SuperMicar Extract

Accessibility and flexibility that you demand with simple customization requirements:

  • Multiple modules which can be implemented separately or combined
    • Core (business rules, order processing, table maintenance)
    • Death
    • Birth
    • Fetal Death
    • ITOP
    • Marriage
    • Divorce
  • A local or regional web-server installation can be accessed remotely by multiple statewide users (funeral directors, physicians, medical examiners, healthcare facilities, etc.), eliminating third-party uploads or travel requirements for reporting purposes
  • Business rules and edits can be customized to meet state-specific needs and can be activated or deactivated as needed
  • Quick and easy system implementation is supported through simple table maintenance procedures for the user