DAVE FAQ for Vital Records Online

Below are DAVE FAQs for government agency vital records online, along with common frequently asked questions about operating costs. If you do not see your question answered, please contact us to have it resolved. We are here to help.

Agency Partners

DAVE provides integrated Electronic Vital Events Registration Systems (EVERS), designed to improve efficiencies in the vital event registration and fulfillment process.

The DAVE system is able to interface to both medical facility Electronic Health Records systems and Funeral Home Management systems and exchange data in real time.

DAVE integrates with the NCHS VIEWS, the Social Security Administration’s OVS and the NAPHSIS STEVE and EVVE systems.

An EVERS is web-based software used to create, register, issue and amend vital records at funeral homes, doctor’s offices, birth hospitals, local registration offices and state vital records offices.

Benefits of an EVERS include more timely data entry via a 24/7 secure online process for faster event registration, electronic authentication for improved fraud prevention, capability to easily order records electronically for family, promotes uniformity of vital event statistics, and provides a mechanism for secure exchange of vital and statistical information between jurisdictions site.

DAVE is designed to improve the efficiencies of the vital event registration process – from event data entry to record fulfillment.

DAVE benefits agencies by increasing efficiency while saving time and resources:
• reduced data-entry time with electronic functionality and real-time interfaces
• automatic data quality checks to decrease follow-up for erroneous data
• improved timeliness of registration by eliminating the need to mail-in documents
• web orders from VitalChek.com can be automatically loaded into DAVE to eliminate manual entry
• integrated kiosks allow customers to order records from the lobby without tying up agency staff

Additionally, all DAVE rules and screens ensure data meets national content and quality standards rankhaya.com. DAVE also includes the ability to customize screens, edit rules and reports with a built-in screen designer, edit-rule generator and report designer.

Fees for the DAVE service are done on a contract-by-contract basis and include a one-time perpetual license fee along with annual maintenance fees.

As an Agency partner, if you have questions or are experiencing technical issues, please contact us toll-free at 866-628-9244, option 3. Our professional and courteous Technical Support Staff is available to you 24/7/365.
For Sales-related questions regarding DAVE, please contact us directly at 615-372-6834.

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