Colorado Court FAQs for Records Online

Below are common frequently asked questions about Colorado Court records online. If you do not see your question answered, please contact us to have it resolved. We are here to help.

Consumer is the first online, real-time court records site for Colorado Court Data. It was created as an initiative of the Colorado Judicial Branch and developed under contractual agreement.

You can search both open and closed cases within the state of Colorado. Types of cases available in the database include domestic relations, civil, criminal, traffic, traffic infraction, small claims, and misdemeanors. Sealed cases, juvenile cases, and probate case types are not available on the site site.

At this time, this service is only available for the State of Colorado.

The information is real-time. Therefore, when the change is made in the state system it is reflected in the CoCourts system within the hour.

The cost is up to $7.00 per search, or less based on volume.
If you receive monthly invoices instead of paying by credit card, your monthly invoice will be $100 minimum, regardless of the number of searches you perform.

There are 3 options for payment:
• pay by credit card each time you search
• buy search credits in advance and draw them down
• pay by monthly invoice ($100/month minimum)

No, there are no sign-up fees or any other hidden fees. If you are paying per search by credit, or pre-purchasing search credits, you’ll only pay the one-time cost per search fee of up to $7.00.

You can check the Judicial Branch listings for the appropriate district or county court phone numbers and addresses. The branch’s web site is

No, is not the official state site and you’ll need to visit to file a document.

We have various ways to assist you with your search. You can click on the search tips button (located on each of the search screens) for information on better searching, you can call us at (866) 277-7006, or you can e-mail us at cocourts@risk

You have up to 24 hours after your initial search to review any or all of the results contained in your initial search without being charged again.

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