court records database is Colorado’s most comprehensive source for real-time data for court records, created as an initiative of the Colorado Judicial Branch to help citizens make better choices. is among the first statewide, real-time, online court records sites in the United States, providing a simpler, more affordable way to retrieve information without making a trip to the courthouse. By streamlining access to real-time Colorado courts data, you can quickly complete critical research, discover key information, and locate the Register of Action to support well-informed decisions and help protect your business.

Complete due diligence faster

Mitigate unnecessary risk

Increase visibility into key business relationships

Control research costs

Searching is fast and easy with CoCourts, keeping valuable resources focused on business operations

On-demand decision support

Users can search both open and closed cases. In the district courts, cases included in the database include domestic relations, civil, and criminal. In the county courts, the cases in the database include traffic, traffic infraction, civil (to $10,000), small claims, misdemeanors, liens and judgments.

For safety and confidentiality, certain information within each case is non-public, such as social security numbers and street addresses leggi l’articolo. All parties to a case except the plaintiff and defendant (and in domestic relations cases, the petitioner and the respondent) are considered non-public. This includes victims, police officers and jurors, but attorney names are public. Long narratives are excluded from the database, as are suppressed, sealed, juvenile or confidential filing. Financial information – such as fines – is summarized, not detailed.

The CoCourts system is simple to search, updated in real-time and results can be printed or saved instantly. Begin a search with last name and first name, or even a partial first name, to access the Register of Action on court records from every Colorado County.