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A division of LexisNexis® Risk Solutions, VitalChek Network understands the importance of serving our government agency partners and the citizens they entrust to us. Our core values (being Professional, Passionate, Persistent, Proactive and Positive) allow us to specialize in connecting citizens with government agency offices, to streamline those interactions and foster efficiency.

Our customers are state and local government agencies who perform all manner of functions, including issuing certified copies of birth, death, divorce or marriage certificates; registering vital events like marriages, deaths and new births; issuing citations or collecting fines; and issuing trucking permits. The citizens benefiting from these functions cover all walks of life including parents and other family members, individuals paying government fees or fines, office workers, hospital administrators and bereaved family members.

To consumers, this means an overworked couple ready to head overseas for a long-awaited vacation can quickly and easily get certified copies of their birth certificates from locations nationwide to then get their first passport… making this a much less stressful experience. A military spouse can also get a last-minute copy of a birth certificate lost in the move to register kids for school and sports. And, your Uncle Raymond, whose retirement passion is genealogy, can keep filling in more of your family tree.

To businesses, this means greater efficiency with your office staff, translating to less expense and therefore a stronger bottom line. From funeral homes to trucking companies to hospitals, your admins will benefit from our software solutions that securely connect them to the issuing government agency with ease.

For our government agency partners, you’ll see greatly streamlined cash flow and interactions with your own customers, fostering optimum operational efficiency.

In the early 1970s, Herb Barrett returned to his hometown of Nashville, TN with his young family In trying to enroll his children in school, he discovered that he needed their birth certificates for admission. One problem: those certificates were issued in a distant birthplace, and time was short to get the children registered.

Contacting officials in the state where his children were born, he learned it would take 6 weeks to get their certificates. He sped up the process by sending cash via Western Union and paid to have the copies by overnight mail, getting his children in their classrooms only four days behind schedule. However, the incident stuck in his mind and he knew there had to be a better way.

Some 15 years later, Herb Barrett founded VitalChek.

Using toll-free lines and credit cards for state offices, VitalChek supplied all the necessary equipment, handled the calls and payments, and then sent everything to the state office to begin the certificate search almost immediately – all at no cost to the state, just a small fee for each applicant using the system.

History was made, and within a month four states were signed up for this new convenient service. Almost 30 years and some 400+ agencies later, VitalChek continues this tradition nationwide, using current digital technologies to make it easier than ever to obtain your birth certificate, along with marriage, divorce and death certificates.

VitalChek Network was built on two things: customer service and smart solutions. In fact, this goes back to the founding of the company in 1987 when we pioneered the service of ordering birth certificates through a central national source. We made it far easier on the individual (no plane ticket, driving, or waiting in line required) but we also made it easier on the government agencies, as we were the ones making sure all necessary documentation was complete and consistently presented for agency review.

Today, our services have grown beyond ordering just birth certificates, but the same mantra of outstanding customer service and smart solutions remains throughout all our offerings.

This belief system is personified by our “5P” core values of being Professional, Passionate, Persistent, Proactive and Positive.

Our Business Units

VitalChek Network specializes in processing requests for official vital record certificates for consumers, and helping to make government agencies as streamlined and efficient as possible with secure cloud-based registration, payment and database solutions.


VitalChek Express Certificate Services is the only authorized nationwide provider of birth, death, marriage, and divorce certificates, working on behalf of over 400 agencies.

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Payment Solutions

LexisNexis Payment Solutions helps government agencies streamline and automate 24/7 payment processing systems, reducing agency costs and increasing efficiency.

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Permit Wizard

Permit Wizard saves you time and money with a single source to obtain Oversize / Overweight permits, allowing you to submit one easy form directly to the states you select.

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